My approach to art is abstract and minimal focusing on the essence of an idea/concept using the pure elements of fine art, colour and form. My sculptural background helps dictate my use of materials, chosen for their capacity to emulate and contribute to the vibrancy of what it is to be alive. Using the intensity of colour as well as freeing up compositional boundaries has enabled me to explore the differences between working with chance and control. During the application of paints, inks, resin and other media the resulting interactions become complex and difficult to predict. These chance accidents are integral to the nature of my work. Like science they celebrate uncertainty and see potential within 'mistakes'. Each artwork is not planned but becomes fully formed within the making and thinking process, allowing natural forces to leave their trace producing a genuine conclusion. Any resulting ambiguity invites the viewer to contribute their imagination completing the creative process without dictating it.


I draw my inspiration from the limits of our understanding, unseen phenomena so large and small that imagination is required to make sense of them or to give them anything close to a tangible form; reflecting an admiration of our standing within an age of discovery, scientifically, technically and above all artistically.


I have over the years built a complete confidence in my ability to both realise a piece of work and to develop an idea that is representational of any given subject. Past experience as a freelance sculptor working with a number of reputable character based companies has helped to refine my skills, precision and attention to detail as well as develop a discipline towards deadlines. 


I am an artist in everything I do, it has greatly enriched my life, fulfilling a compelling need to create - an addiction to the fleeting sense of discovery it brings. It is this ongoing process of creative discovery that I try to share.

born Balham, London 1965

Tooting, Mitcham and Armagh

reggae, soul, electronic

St Peters and Pauls

St Thomas of Canterbury

Wimbledon College

Art 'O' level

Macky D's

Printing apprenticeship


mod/ scooter boy/ casual/ raver

Hod carrier, labourer

back to school 'o's + 'a's

Foundation Diploma Wimbledon School of Art

Degree BA Hons Fine Art Newcastle Polytechnic





Sculptor of Licensed Characters


Artist .....


Albemarle Gallery

49 Albemarle St London W1S 4JR

10 Jan - 2 Feb 2013


London Art Fair

Business Design Center London N1 0QH

16 Jan - 20 Jan 2013


Albemarle Gallery

49 Albemarle St London W1S 4JR

1 Aug - 31 Aug 2013


Brewery Tap 'On Tap'

53 Tontine St Folkestone CT20 1JR

6 June - 9 June 2014


Crate. 1 Bilton Square Margate CT9 1EE

5 Sept - 12 Sept 2014


Bentlif Gallery 'Response'

St Faiths St Maidstone ME14 1LH

8 Nov - 29 Nov 2014


The Horsebridge 'Soil"

11 Horsebridge Road Whitstable CT5 1AF

21 Jan - 27 Jan 2015


LCA Launch

Store Street Gallery London WC1E 7BS

19 Feb - 11 March 2015


Bentlif Open Art Prize 

St Faiths St Maidstone ME14 1LH

13 March - 3 May 2015


Affordable Art Fair

London Contemporary Art

Battersea Park London SW11 4NJ

11 March - 15 March 2015


The Other Art Fair

Victoria House Bloomsbury WC1 4DA

23 April - 26 April 2015


The Other Art Fair

Arnolfini Gallery

Bristol BS1 4QA

5 June - 7 June 2015


The Exhibit

12 Balham Station Rd SW12 9SG

10 Sept - 10 Dec 2015


The Other Art Fair

Old Truman Brewery

London E1 6QR

15-18 Oct 2015


Luminaire Arts

19 Grosvenor Place

London SW1 7HT

10 March -